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About Coco

Corey Heyman AKA Cocoyogi is a Delray Beach, FL based private and group yoga teacher and sunshine spreader who found her 'why' through teaching and practicing yoga, and creating a sense of community. Her purpose is to help people connect with their bodies, their breath, to each other, and to something greater.


Corey's passion for yoga and nature lead her to guiding outdoor group classes in Delray and throughout South Florida - on the beach during sunrise and sunset, on farms with little goats, and under the Delray 100 ft Christmas Tree. She currently offers public beach classes through the Seagate Beach Club - every Saturday morning at 8a, and once a month on the full moon. 


Corey founded Coco Market in 2022. with local small business owners to bring the community together. When she's not teaching outside, you can find her guiding private one-on-one sessions to help individuals meet their specific goals.

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